About us

About class work

Sir use both traditional as well as modern techniques in learning and teaching process.

Personal attention is given on every student.

In class room there is freedom for students to ask quires at any moment as well as they can take personal appointment to solve their difficulties.

There is conceptual teaching and learning process. Each chapter is discussed in class room up to minimum 15 days or up to 30 days depends on length of the chapter.

Preparation of student for each chapter is tested through Unit test for 20 marks. MHT-CET test for 50 marks, JEE-Mains test for 120 marks and NEET test for 180 Marks

by which student can study that chapter by all angels and can have perfection.  

Every year XI starts from June, ends in December. XII starts from January and syllabus ends up to November. From December to May revision and practice papers, Difficulties session to solve quires of different students.

As per GOVT. rules online JEE and MHT-CET exams are also conducted on the web site of our class. Each students account is maintained there, parent and student can check progress, weak points of student.

Every year one student can get a prize of Rs. 50000/- provided that he or she should be topper from our class in any one Board exam as well as any one competitive exam such as MHT-CET, JEE, NEET